AquaPhalt – Permanent Pothole Repair

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Aquaphalt is the first permanent asphalt repair available in the U. S., and it is the cost-effective solution to various repairs.

Aquaphalt drastically reduces costs, environmental risks, and traffic congestion. Not only is Aquaphalt easy to use even in wet and cold conditions, but no special preparations are required, and roads may be open to traffic immediately. It also has a 12 month shelf life. And did we mention its skid and rutting resistance?

Aquaphalt is the right choice for enduring repairs.

In a recent Virginia Department of Transportation study of the use of Aquaphalt, the site of repair was visited routinely in the first two to three weeks of service to make certain it performed adequately with added inclement weather. The primary roadway distresses of great concern for typical cold mix patching materials are bleeding, rutting and dishing (further compaction under traffic), debonding, raveling and pushing and shoving. After visiting once a month to-date, VDOT officials have found absolutely no signs of pushing, shoving or rutting in the patch—all dangers associated with a weak and unstable mix.

Use on:

Asphalt roadway patching

Pothole repair

Concrete road repairs

Manhole repairs

Utility cuts and repairs

Driveways, pathways and tennis courts


BituSolv – Eco Friendly Tar and Asphalt Remover


BituSolv is the next generation of cleaners.  It is formulated with both the environment and effectiveness in mind.  It is biodegradable yet a very strong cleaner for the toughest kinds of jobs.  It removes asphalts and other emulsions from spray equipment with ease.  It is non-hazardous for disposal and shipping. 

BituSolv sticks to vertical surfaces and works to dissolve asphalt, tar and emulsions.  Simply spray it on, let it set for 10-15 minutes and rinse it off with high pressure-hot water.  Highly cost effective if used with an oil-water separator.  Safe to dispose of product down sewer, after contaminants are separated out.


BituSolv is made from agriculturally-derived solvents

100% biodegradable, non-carcinogenic and non-toxic

Over 10-times more effective than petroleum-based solvents

No hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) and Non hazardous for disposal

No environmentally hazardous ingredients

No ozone depleting chemicals

Ready to use, no mixing needed


Dissolves and removes asphalt on asphalt paving, trucks, rollers, roofing equipment


New eco-friendly formulation

Easy and cost-effective disposal

Safe and easy to work with




Local, State and Federal Government



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Parts Kleen

A Non-Chlorinated Solvent Degreaser

Parts Kleen aerosol is a solvent designed to remove dirt, grease, and grime from metallic and non-metallic surfaces.


Touch It Up

A Decontaminant and Cleaner

Used in nuclear power plants and Nuclear Medicine, our all-purpose cleaner decontaminates 95% of low levels of nuclear radiation in one swipe.


An Organic Cleaner/Degreaser

Removes tar and asphalt, controls odors, even unclogs drains. ODM is the 100% organic cleaner and degreaser you’ve been missing.


SPC  Speciality Products

Industrial Products: Carefully Crafted, Family-Owned

James Rose had vision. A Pharmacist in the 1960's, Jimmy knew chemistry. And he knew industrial chemicals had to be safe and effective...and matched for the right applications. At SPC Specialty Products we formulate innovative products specific to the nuclear, transportation, heavy industry and manufacturing sectors. 

Jimmy's SynTech Products was born in the basement of a house in Toledo in 1975. And today we are a second-generation, Woman Owned booming business in the heart of the Rust Belt, owned by Jimmy's daughter.

We are dedicated to product innovation, industrial safety, and your company's success, just like our founder was.

We’ve created a whole new company by sticking to what we've always done best…providing superior products with expert knowledge in ways that value your time, your company, your hard work.

Our clients range from power plants to steel mills, from Departments of Transportation and Education to construction.  We produce and supply products that are effective, environmentally sensible, and safe to use.

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